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books in bus stops

Why don’t we have books in bus-stops? 

My mind started wandering during a rather boring meeting and I started considering the idea of a direct-action protest group fighting for the printed word. After all, if we’re serious about saving the ‘real’ book and fighting against all things digital should we be doing things rather than just writing about it? I’m not talking about anything illegal – quite the opposite. Something pleasant and designed to bring a smile to people’s faces. For example: book bombing. Leaving piles of books in places where there should perhaps be more books – a doctor’s waiting room, a bus-stop (see picture), railway coaches or beside a park bench. Suggestions please! But what to call our group? The books mil-lit-ia perhaps? Chapter 13? The Army of the Twelve Librarians? The Book Liberation Front? Again, suggestions please.

p.s. I’ve started a website to run alongside the exhibition (and this blog). It is at – https://sites.google.com/site/lastwritescumbria/.