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ImageBut for those who might struggle reading my handwriting…

You may not have noticed but the art of handwriting is coming to an end. Within a generation the ability to write ‘cursive’, to do joined-up writing could be lost. Is that a problem? It might be a sad loss but to be brutally honest it may be better in the computer-age for children to be learning keyboarding skills. We might mourn the loss of people writing in the copper-plate style but it’s hardly a practical necessity. We should urge, however, that handwriting is not completely cast aside. It is an ‘art’ and it would make sense for it to be put under the auspices of the art teacher. Handwriting is one of the few skills that perfectly combines both left-brain and right-brain activity. It encourages the writer to think about spelling, grammar, sentence construction and writing style as well as considering the beauty of the written word. It is, as my title to this piece says, an art and should be considered as such with the educational system.

Finally: Of course children should still learn how to write individual letters (and sign their name) but spending hours learning to join letters up is no longer necessary in this digital age.